Producer / Director / Cinematographer

Vigilante Vigilante is Max Good’s first feature documentary.  Previously, he worked as assistant producer and distribution manager on the Academy Award-nominated documentary feature The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers (2009). He also co-produced B.I.K.E (2006), a documentary feature on the underground culture of mutant bicycle gangs that screened at NYC’s MOMA, and the Slamdance, Silverdocs, and Ann Arbor Film Festivals. He has also directed several short experimental films, including Gangster Administration (2005) and Smooth (2009), as well as Ungonquinleños (2006), in collaboration with producer Nathan Wollman.

Having been involved with graffiti and street art culture for over 15 years on both coasts, Max was drawn into exploring the phenomenon through it’s most dedicated enemies. He has also spent a large amount of his time involved in political activism over the last 10 years and sees his films as an avenue to promote awareness and tolerance, as well as to entertain. Max received his MFA in Documentary Film from Stanford University.

You can see more of Max’s work on his person site:


Nathan Wollman is an emerging producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked on numerous projects from narrative film shorts to musical compositions and is now focusing primarily on documentary film. Nathan has worked as a production assistant on set for Comedy Central’s Battle Bots Series, production coordinator for Italian television with FIAT motor company providing vintage vehicle props, and has produced his first feature documentary film, Vigilante Vigilante.

Nathan is an active member of San Francisco film society and is a proud alumni of San Francisco State University Design and Industry Department. With his work in the documentary genre, his goal is to continue to present inspiring, odd and wonderful subjects in his work.