THE SILVER BUFF Currently Active
This San Francisco Bay Area Vigilante has been hard at work since the mid 1990’s.
An obsession with fighting blight, graffiti, even weeds on the sidewalk has driven 63 year old Jim Sharp to a manic daily routine of painting, scraping, and cleaning with the kind of persistent effort rarely found in even the most dedicated activists in the world. Silver spray paint is his weapon of choice.


Joe Connolly holds down his area of Los Angeles with ultimate pride. His obsession with the need to fight graffiti and promote neighborhood safety is strangely accompanied by an appreciation for the art form of graffiti itself. Often conflicted, pained and confused by life’s battles and hardships, Joe’s motivation to win at all costs is apparent in everything he does.


Ron Engman is a man of mystery who once roamed the streets of Portland, Oregon, employing extreme measures to fight graffiti.
A resident of Johnson City, a manufactured home park on the outskirts of town, Engman snuck away from his wife in the midnight hours and painted over graffiti with his trademark silver circle. A violent physical attack on taggers and over 100 individual accounts of vandalism led to his arrest.


THE GREY GHOST Currently Active
Fred Radtke, an Ex-Marine with an eye for detail has had a prolific career of fighting graffiti. In his mission to fight urban decay, his reign of grey paint has found its way onto legal murals and lawfully sanctioned public art. The Ghost has been known to carry a firearm, attack with physical force, and stalk the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana with a menacing attitude. Local artists, business owners and activists have attempted to battle the Grey Ghost but have been met with unrelenting resistance. Radtke has also been arrested for his overzealous painting.